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Coming Soon / Currently under Design and Development:


The innovative sales-and-marketing-management-tool.

Introducing a ground-breaking cutting-edge analysis tool for effective sales and marketing management..KL-GeoDB - Vertriebs- und Marketing-Tool

Currently we are in the process of designing and developing a new and innovative tool particularly suitable for sales-and-marketing activities.

KL-GeoDB provides a unique manner of combining:

  • Your client address and information
  • Statistical data from the Statistical Office of the European Communities - Eurostat
  • Geographical data

This advanced application tool focuses on sales-and-marketing activities in promising areas and on targeted groups, thereby improving chances of success!

  • The advantages of using this tool are:
  • Increase efficiency for the analysis of your target group
  • Area oriented analysis of your customer structure
  • Selection and focus of regions of consumers targeted to your particular product
  • Optimization of your expansion strategy
  • And much more

This unique analysis tool is capable of running in single and multi-user environments. Because of its enhanced progressive database architecture, you are not forced to use a standard integrated database. This application can easily adapt with the database system you currently use. In addition with the changeable data-interface, you obtain a flexible means to import additional data from your own information pools.

If this innovative tool interests you, please contact us via the contact form and indicate KL-GeoDB. In so doing, you will automatically receive further information when KL-GeoDB is completed.

We look forward to improving your success!